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We are coming back to Sheffield!
The dates are confirmed as Friday July 24th - Sunday July 26th

About UK Forums All-Stars

After we closed the curtains on Sheffield 14, we revealed the huge sum of money rose which took us over £100k raised since the weekend begun in 2008. We once again thank everyone for their phenomenal efforts in helping us get past the £100k mark, and we already look forward to passing the next big target of £200k.

We ARE coming back!

To help us on the road to £200k, we're delighted to announce that the UK Forums All-Stars weekend will be returning to Sheffield in 2015. The dates are confirmed as Friday July 24th- Sunday July 26th.

What WE said!

David Grant from the organising committee had this to say on the news "After last year's successful event, we're very happy to be back at the spiritual home of the all-stars weekend, and at a venue that has not only looked after us, but has helped us in spreading the word of the weekend in the past, and will continue to do so. Although as an event we do look to take it around the UK, given the geographical spread of participants of the event - we felt that we can continue to build upon the current progress of the weekend by bringing it back to Sheffield, and we look forward to seeing all previous, current and new members of the All-Stars community in Sheffield in July"

Over the next few weeks, we will release all the relevant information including, charities and captains.

2015 Charities

With the news of the weekend returning to Sheffield, it's time for us to announce this year charities.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting an in-depth article on each charity focusing on their work and where your fundraising goes in their research, development and aiding others in need.

This year, when you pick your chosen charity and the teams get announced, we will be organising visits to the hospitals, hospices and centre's so you can see for yourself the work the charities do and to give you more sense of achievement and to realise how your fundraising efforts support.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the 2015 charities:

Sheffield Childrens Hospital

Supported in 2011,2013,2014

Autism Plus

Supported in 2014

Breast Cancer Care

Supported since 2009

Blue Cross

Supported in 2014

British Heart Foundation

Supported in 2014

Help For Heroes

Supported since 2011

Prostate Cancer UK

Supported since 2013

Dreams Come True

Supported since 2008

2015 Captains

The UK Forums All-Stars organising teams are delighted to announce the captains that have accepted the honour of captaining one of the teams at Sheffield 15. We would like to place on record our thanks to (2014 captains) for all the hard work and efforts that they put in to their teams at this year’s event and have set the bar for next year’s captains to match.

The captains that have accepted the roles are as follows:

Autism Plus - Martyn Boston

Breast Cancer Care - Claire Fay

Blue Cross - Paul Whitby

British Heart Foundation - Aaron Stewart

Dreams Come True - Adam Dadswell

Help For Heroes - Stuart Girdler

Prostate Cancer - Lucas Howell

Sheffield Childrens Hospital - Dean Shephard

David Grant spoke of his delight of them accepting the role, “We are delighted that the captains accepted our offer to be a captain of one of the teams at Sheffield 15, and we look forward to working with them to put on, once again a fantastic show at IceSheffield next July.

I would like to publically thank the captains of this year’s event, as each and every one of them, with differing skill-sets helped the organising team to put on the fantastic show that it was, the captains of Sheffield 15 have a pretty tough job to follow, but I am confident that each and every one of us are confident that they will do”

Over the next few weeks, we will get words from all of the captains on their thoughts and hopes for next years event.

Details on registration, including pre-registration for the class of Sheffield 14 will be released tomorrow.

Captains Articles

Lucas Howell

Prostate Cancer UK

The timing of being asked to write a little something, about being picked to be a captain in the 2015 UK Forums All Stars ice hockey tournament, couldn’t be more opportune.

Generally, the remit we’re given is to write a few words about how and why you got into the UK Forums All Stars, feelings about previous experiences and also, your feelings for the coming tournament. Generally, this is easy enough to answer, as my reason to get involved is because the weekend gives me the opportunity to be part of something positive, that hopefully helps change lives - if only a little bit - with the added bonus of playing a few games of hockey.

I originally got into the weekend, whilst still playing for the Cardiff Ice Hounds. Whilst playing an away fixture (at some ungodly hour) in the Southern Conference, some of the squad travelled down, from the opposite direction, still clad in the shirts (and sweat) of the Help4Heroes team. A chat on the bench, between shifts, planted the seed and a few months later, the application for my very first All Stars weekend was submitted. As it was being held on my home ice, in Cardiff, and being a dad of two, there was only one charity to represent, Ty Hafan.

Not only did we take the bragging rights, winning the silverware on the ice, we also put in the big numbers off the ice, with a few of us raising over £1k.

The following year, with the change of venue to Sheffield, came a change of charity. With the majority of the previous year’s Ty Hafan team, transferring to Prostate Cancer UK and my father in law suffering with Prostate Cancer, it was an easy decision to make and I made my first appearance in the black and blue. We didn’t take home this silverware that year, but I was lucky enough to get over £1k of donations again.

Kitting up for Prostate Cancer UK again in 2014, with the additional honour of the wearing the ‘A’, under the steerage of Chappy as our ‘C’, sponsorship wasn’t so readily available. A pseudo masochistic plan of offering up body parts to be waxed, as a reward for fundraising milestones, paid off, as I travelled to Sheffield with a chest as smooth (and as flabby) as a baby’s bum.

Despite two years’ experience, it was the first time that I was playing in a team that wasn’t primarily made up of Ice Hounds. I’m sure everyone claims the mantle for their All Stars team, claiming that theirs was the best, with respect to embracing the spirit of the UK Forums All Stars weekend, but I’d argue until my last breath that Team Prostate took this accolade in 2014. Both on and off the ice, the team to a man (and team Mam – Ali) embraced the spirit and carried it on for weeks afterwards, through the sterling post event fundraising carried out by Mark Lovett and also fund raising giant, Adam Clark. Adam’s fundraising effort was truly biblical, raising over £2.5k for Prostate Cancer UK. In discussion with Adam, after the weekend he commented ‘and I don’t even know anybody with Prostate Cancer. But you do and that’s enough for me.’

And this brings me full circle to the timing of being asked to Captain the Prostate Cancer UK team for 2015.

When I got ‘the calling’, I had not long returned from holiday and let me tell you, when you get the calling from David Grant, you feel like the honour that has just been bestowed on you, needs to be accompanied by smoke rising from the Vatican. I’m sure that anyone would be chuffed to be given the call, but for me, the call came around the same time that my father in law was admitted to hospital with pneumonia – a serious illness, when you are already quite ill, suffering with Prostate Cancer. So ‘the calling’ already has a great significance to me, as I’ve seen what was an ox of a man, with hands like shovels, gradually reduced to a quite frail old man.

I’m sad to say, that as I write this, the prospect of pulling on the jersey for Prostate Cancer UK in 2015 will be in memory, as my father in law lost his fight and has now passed away.

So the 2015 UK Forums All Stars is going to be an emotional time for me.

I’m really looking forward to meeting the team and making 2015 a bigger success than last year.

Aaron Stewart

British Heart Foundation

It’s fair to say I don’t really know how to start things like this, so I’ll open with a generic Hello, and I hope this finds you all well, and looking towards next summer, for the 8th edition of the UK Forum Allstars.

For those I haven’t met yet, I’m Aaron, I’m 24 and three quarters, and from a foreign land, more commonly known as Bangor, Northern Ireland. 2015 will be my third UK Fallstars tournament, and this season I’m honoured to have been asked to captain Team British Heart Foundation, or Team Kenneth, as is they are more commonly known during the weekend.

Being asked to be a captain in any team, in any sport, is an honour. It’s something most people aspire to, and when it happens, it’s a shock. David Grant called me a few weeks ago, I was fully expecting a few potato jokes, a quick chat about hockey, but I wasn’t fully prepared to be asked to captain a team. So firstly I would like to say thanks to the organisers for considering me, and secondly, I fully intend to lead Team BHF...straight to the bar once the hockey is over for the day...and possibly to the condiment table, although I’m sure Kes won’t need any help with that.

My road to the Fallstars started about 6 seasons ago, when I first heard about the tournament through Andrew Turnball. I thought it was an awesome idea. I think it’s best been described as a ‘second playoff finals weekend, without the emotional rollercoaster that goes with watching your team win or lose’.

I began playing hockey in the tail end of 2010, and first applied for the UK Fallstars in 2011, sadly, I didn’t make the roster, only the reserve list. The same happened in 2012 and 2013, until I got an email from David in April 2013 saying there had been a few people drop out and roster spots had opened up for Team Breast Cancer Care, amazingly, the team I wanted to represent. So that’s where it all started really, I made my justgiving page and spammed twitter for a solid 4 months. Team Boobs went on to win the tournament that year, which felt almost as good as hearing that the entire weekend had raised over £30,000.

In 2014 I represented Team Autism Plus, a locally based charity in the Yorkshire area. Initially I worried I wouldn’t be able to drum up as much sponsorship as the previous season. This wasn’t the case. As I’ve said before, the amount of donations and kindness and promotion you see for this event and the people taking part, is enough to restore your faith in humanity at times, and I’m sure I speak for all the players that take part, that we can’t thank everyone who donates enough for their donations and constant promotion for this event.

Hockey isn’t the biggest sport in the UK, but it has this aura around it that intrigues people, whether it be the scoring or the fights….well maybe mainly the fights, but it draws people to it. This weekend, to me, is all about the charities and meeting new people. The actual hockey plays second string to that. Whether you can or can’t skate, whether you can shoot or not, or whether you can stop or have to crash into the boards. It’s really not that important. The fact you’ve raised money for 6+ great charities and being able to do so by playing and watching a sport you love, having a few fun nights out in the local area, and all while raising ridiculous amounts of money for 6+ charities in the process. That’s a pretty sweet gig if you ask me.

To date, the UK Forum Allstars has raised just under £120,000, with nearly £80,000 being raised in 2013 (£30,550) and 2014 (£49,100). Not bad for a bunch of recreational hockey players eh? With such great charities being represented, there’s no doubt that the events will help a lot of people, not only the money, but the raised awareness of the charities themselves.

I have no doubt that the 2015 event will carry on from the success of previous years, and I can’t wait to get into swing of things again; chatting to team mates, organising training camps, thinking up ridiculous ways to raise money, and generally, just having fun, that’s what it’s all about.

It’s an honour to take part in this event, and I can’t wait to see you all in the summer, until then, mix in a water, stay away from the mustard and play hard.

Aaron ‘Import’ Stewart

Claire Fay

Breast Cancer Care

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Sheffield and the eighth Allstars Weekend. This will be my fifth weekend taking part in the tournament representing team Breast Cancer Care.

I must say I was shocked but felt very honoured to be asked to be the captain of the team this year. I have chosen the Breast Cancer Care team every year as it is very close to my heart. Sadly, one of my very close friends lost her 10 year battle against breast cancer 2 years ago.

The Allstars weekend is fast becoming a well-known weekend for experienced and inexperienced players not only to come together for the love of ice-hockey, but to make some new friends, drink a little (in some cases a lot) and have an amazing weekend. But the most important reason is of course to raise a shed load of money for all the charities involved.

I would like to welcome all the players that are selected for the Breast Cancer Care Team. Please be warned that I will nag you to get involved in raising as much money as you can before the weekend, at the weekend and even after. Please rest assured I will be leading the fund raising from the front but I will urge you to continue to nag your family and friends for their support as not only would it be lovely to hold up the coveted trophy after the final but also and more importantly be the winners of the most money raised. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people involved in the organising of the whole weekend.

Good luck to all, have fun.

Claire Fay

Paul Whitby

Blue Cross

I'm currently staring at my shoes because I'm doubled over trying not to be sick. I'm trying not to be sick because a life size Lego figure has just punched me in the nuts so hard that if I ever have kids they'll be born with a headache. Whilst all these is going on a man in a dog suit is at the bar. At the latest count he's managed to get £40 in charitable donations. He's also managed to get a girl's phone number, although obviously he's so drunk he'll lose it later. This is not a hallucination. This is the 2014 All-Star weekend's Saturday night bar crawl.

And now they want me to captain a bunch of these lunatics. An honour and a terror in equal measure.

Last year was my first year at the UK Forums All-Star weekend. I'd gotten back into rec hockey in a big way the previous year and I'd been hearing all about the UKFAS weekend from various people for months. Then I get a text from Tom Martin - Blue Cross captain, telling me he'd had some drop outs and could I commit to attending the weekend? Seeing as every comment I'd heard regarding the weekend was about how good it was and how much fun people have at the weekend, "yes" was the obvious answer. I was not disappointed.

I'm got a pretty varied past in ice hockey. I've played at levels I never should have played at, coached players that are currently trying to break into the NHL and a couple of the current GB team. I even get to play in front of a sell out crowd at the Nottingham varsity game. Whilst all of those things have been great the fun I've had and the friends I've made at the All Star weekend put it at the top of the pile. One of my best memories of the weekend isn't actually of the weekend. It was the train ride home. 1hr of my phone constantly pinging with facebook updates, new friend requests, photos I'd been tagged in and status updates echoing how great a weekend it was. Each one bringing a grin to my face. And all of this whilst raising money for charity.

Every week since the weekend I've bumped into a few people from the tournament, on the ice at games, training and in the crowd at rinks. Everytime the conversation begins with something about the last one and then quickly turns into "are you going next year?". Pretty much everytime without fail the response is a yes. And that's when I know how much it means to everyone involved, because it's a response I've seen before, when old team-mates bump into each other and talk about old times. Yep, the weekend has turned us all into old hockey players.

So here's to next year's tournament, maybe we'll go one better this year and win it. But as long as the money is raised for all the worthy causes involved, I'll go home happy again. Although a goal would be nice.

Stu Girdler

Help For Heroes

Having played hockey on and off since I was 17, I have been lucky to be involved in many conferences, tournament and charity events along the way. Sometime ago; about 6 years if I recall and good friend of mine and team mate, Mr Keith Hinde mentioned that he had played in a charity event unlike any other, this was the UK All Stars weekend, he spoke of it with real pride and humour. This was something I had to look into.

Finding the detail and waiting for the registration opening date, I jumped on the day and enrolled, little did I know what was going to happen, I was on the reserve list….and I was itching to get a slot. That year it was at the Sheffield twin pads, I arrived suitably early and sat in the bar area watching players arrive, soon the place was full and I became acutely aware of something very very strange. The banter was almost what you would find within a family, then I realised the weekend is just that, ‘a family affair, one big hockey family’. Though there were players from each and every charity team, players who played against each other outside of the weekend the atmosphere was one of commonality, no one was elite no one was a newbie; everyone was here for just one simple reason, their charity.

I met my team mates and was issued my shirt, team boobies was my allocated team and very proud I was and still am to have represented them. Since that first year I try and play for the charity very personal to me; H4H. As a serving army officer I have seen first hand the wonderful work H4H assists in, Hedley Court the Tri Service Rehabilitation Centre is one such organisation, designed to help injured service men and women return to some form of normality post a life changing event.

My second year and two further I have had the wonderful opportunity to don the H4H shirt and try add my little bit to the team’s focus. Every game, a resounding success, strangely a success but not always a win!! For those who have never taken part, it is not simply about the win, it is the journey that precedes the game, it is the fund raising, the messages between team mates and captain, the admin posts from Dave and the team, the slap from Jo Hinde for not reaching your money goal by the half way mark!! Or the physical drive to Sheffield, it all adds up to the overall weekend.

Games are played and friendships made or reaffirmed, bumps on the ice see players stop instantly and help the other player, net minders see that new uncertain player with the puck and perhaps, just perhaps leave the 5 hole open. It is about hockey in its truest sense, team spirit, heart and the need to raise funds for your charity; these are the things that make this event both unnatural and leviathan.

Last year I had the great honour of again playing for H4H with an awesome team, led by an amazing captain. Richie Muzzy was and still will be a hard act to follow, more so as this year the committee and no doubt Muzzy have bestowed on me a further accolade; the H4H team captain….Gulp! Something that we will do as a team is not lose sight of those points above, to win is amazing but, to watch players from all over the UK come together with no malice nor agenda and play our sport is awesome, both to watch and brilliant to be apart off.

See you all soon…..Somewhere?

Stu Girdler

Dean Shephard

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Surprised, humbled, honoured and finally gobsmacked!

These were the jumble of feelings and thoughts that hit me when I received the call from David Grant asking me to Captain the Children's Hospital team for the 2015 UK Forum All Stars. It took a while to sink in as David called me whilst I was trying to navigate myself out of Hull during a particularly busy Friday afternoon rush hour! All I could think of was "why me?" Or "did everyone else turn it down?" All those feelings still apply, but now I have the scary realisation that I have to write stuff like this and make myself sound worthy of this massive responsibility which has been bestowed upon me.

This will be amazingly my 6th Allstars and my 2nd representing Sheffield Children's Hospital. My participation dates right back to the original All Star game in 2008 which I'm sure a few of you may remember? Looking back it's amazing what has been achieved by the committee, volunteers and of course the players who have helped turn this event from a single game into the premium charity ice hockey weekend in the UK. 2014's All Stars was the biggest ever with an incredible 8 teams participating raising massive amounts of money for 8 very worthy charity's. 2014 also saw the event pass the £100,000 mark as the total raised since 2008! This achievement alone is breathtaking and let's hope one day we can together reach £200,000!

My charity, The Sheffield Children's Hospital is a unique charity in and around Sheffield as most of you will have been involved or directly effected by the great work they do. Sheffield and South Yorkshire are very lucky to have such a facility on their doorstep giving much needed care for the children of the area. It is only fair that we help them grow and evolve, which in turn will enable them to look after our kids and their future generations for years to come. Whoever is selected to represent this great charity I hope will be proud to "Wear the Bear" and play for Theo as much as I do.

Finally I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank every one of you for your hard work and dedication. I am proud to be part of this 'family' we have all helped to create and I will be part of it until someone tells me otherwise, Probably my Doctor! Even then I might not listen!

Hopefully my ramblings made a little sense? It just goes to prove I'm as rubbish at writing as I am at playing hockey!

See you all very soon.

Dean Shephard #13 Captain of the Sheffield Children's Hospital team.

Adam Dadswell

Dreams Come True

It has been a privilege and an honour to have been asked to be the captain of the Dreams Come True team this year. For over 25 years, money has been raised by the charity to provide unforgettable experiences for children and young people with a serious or life-limiting medical condition.

I have represented the team as a player for the past two years and have revelled in the opportunity to appreciate the fun side of an otherwise competitive sport.

Last year, the players did an outstanding job in raising over £4000 for the charity. This year, I am greatly anticipating seeing how all of the hard work pays off.

I would like to take this chance to thank the UK Forum All Stars Committee for organising this fantastic weekend. For eight years now, this weekend has provided a great opportunity for fundraising for all of the charities. It gives players the chance to both meet new people and catch up with familiar faces from previous years, whilst celebrating a shared appreciation of the game.

Here’s wishing all of the teams good luck for the weekend ahead.

So let’s dig deep, drop the puck and make lots of noise in the name of good charity!

Adam Dadswell

Martyn Boston

Autism Plus

Hi guys just a quick note from me regarding my position of captain in the 2015 UK all stars tournament. The All stars journey for me started 4 years ago whilst chatting to some team mates in Nottingham who told me about a charity hockey weekend that they had just taken part in , all the feedback was great with stories of the hockey banter , the laughs and how much money was raised for the charity's whilst playing the best game in the world.

After that conversation I then put my name down for the next tournament in Cardiff where I represented prostate cancer , then the following year its was back to ice Sheffield with St Luke's hospice, and this year I played for team autism plus and it was 3rd time lucky for me as we managed to win the tournament.

All in all its one of the best weekends of the year ,finishing 1st or last doesn’t really matter as thousands of pounds are raised for some great charities, so roll on July 2015 where I will be proud captain of team Autism Plus and also a chance for my 5month old babyto watch their dad leading the team onto the ice and hopefully we’ll all raise lots of money for the less fortunate people in this country.


Martyn Boston #77

Fundraising Articles

Maureen Smyth

Prostate Cancer UK

I followed the preparations for the 2012 and 2013 All-Star weekends via social media and the enthusiasm of everyone involved was infectious. It was obvious that this event was more than just an excuse to meet up with other fans from around the country, play some hockey and party. The organisers work so hard for months to allocate players to teams and teams to charities. The players start their fundraising pages months beforehand too.

Last year, I persuaded my hubby that we should go to Sheffield to see what it was all about. It was great to meet the friends I’d only talked to via Twitter. The eight charities were represented and there was plenty of opportunity to support them over the weekend. I even won a teddy in the raffle!

The tournament itself was a wonder to behold! Every team was balanced – some experienced players and some who had literally learnt to skate so that they could take part! You couldn't help but be impressed by the sponsors who had got on board to make sure the teams were kitted out with specially designed jerseys.

The games were fun to watch – some teams even treated us to a bit of ‘dancing on ice’. Where else would you see stripeys move the net so that a puck would definitely ‘cross the line’?!! At the end of the weekend Team Autism Plus emerged the victors but every charity was a winner and every player deserved a huge pat on the back for their efforts.

Will we be back for more in 2015? You bet we will! And this year, I'm hoping to make some money for the All-Stars by selling a tonne of Scottish tablet over the weekend. I have raised funds for Breast Cancer Research since 2008 by selling tablet and I'm sure we can contribute a few £££s to the pot during the All-Stars weekend! I've chosen to support Prostate Cancer UK this year because that's what took my wee daddy away from me.

If you need a hockey fix in the off-season, I recommend that you get yourself to Sheffield for the UK Forums All-Star Weekend on 24th - 26th July 2015. I promise you will not be disappointed and you’ll come away glowing from that feel-good factor! AND you could help to beat the record £49,100 that was raised in 2014.

The enthusiasm, passion and team spirit of these guys deserves huge support. DO IT!!!

Donations can be made via https://www.justgiving.com/Maureen-Smyth/ or text MSRC95 £1 to 70070.


Team Sponsor Articles

Furniture Village

Autism Plus

Returning as team sponsor for Autism Plus, it gives us great pleasure to welcome back Furniture Village. 2015 is a big year for Furniture Village as they celebrate their 25th anniversary since the first store opened in Abingdon back in 1989.

Furniture Village begun with a simple philosophy: to offer truly excellent products, prices and service to all our customers. Twenty-five years and 40 UK-wide stores later, that philosophy still holds true.

Family is important to us. As well as being the country’s number one, independently-owned furniture retailer, we’re a family-run business and we’re here to offer you a huge, inspiring, imaginative range of high quality furniture.

You’ll also find down to earth pricing, real value for money, and flexible payment options. But, above all, you’ll find friendly, knowledgeable staff who really understand what they’re selling and always have your best interests at heart. We want every family to feel at home at Furniture Village.

Martyn Boston commented- We're proud to continue our support of the All-Stars weekend in our 3rd year supporting the great work which is being done by the hockey community. We begun our sponsorship back in 2013 when we sponsored the weekend before moving over to focus on Autism Plus last year and returning once again to continue our support.

A committee member added “We’re delighted to welcome back Furniture Village to the All-Stars weekend for their 3rd consecutive year and we hope they continue their support for many more years.”

For more information on Furniture Village, go to http://www.furniturevillage.co.uk/

Cross Check Clothing

Prostate Cancer UK

With the recent news of the fundraising passing £4k since New Year’s Eve, it gives us great pleasure to announce Cross Check Clothing are back on board as team sponsor of Prostate Cancer UK.

To have a company like Cross Check Clothing on board for their second year is a huge testament to everyone involved with the weekend and we’re delighted to have them back. While they're the team sponsor, they will also be donating 15% of their sales at the weekend to the sponsorship of Prostate Cancer UK.

Cross Check Clothing is an Ice Hockey inspired clothing and merchandise brand bringing fresh and exciting products to the hockey loving world. We are based in the UK but ship worldwide, so wherever you enjoy your hockey, you can also enjoy Cross Check Clothing.

We know how passionate hockey fans are. Like the players on the ice, we wear our colours with pride. Cross Check Clothing is the fresh new brand that all hockey fans can enjoy.

Pete from Cross Check Clothing commented on the sponsorship by saying “Without doubt the fallstars weekend was our highlight of 2014. Great people and a fantastic weekend of hockey, all to raise money for several brilliant charities. Not only does fallstars bring people together from all over the UK, but it raises valuable funding and awareness for many charities. Roll on Sheffield 15“

All-Stars committee member added “We're delighted to welcome Cross Check Clothing back to the weekend. Cross Check Clothing is a relatively new company within the hockey apparel world, but are already hitting hard on the hockey stage with their fresh designs for clothing and other hockey merchandise. With big names associated such as Jason Hewitt of the Sheffield Steelers and Aaron Murphy Ice Hockey TV Presenter on their team, we're both excited and grateful to have them back on board”

For more information on Cross Check Clothing, go to http://shop.crosscheckclothing.co.uk/ or follow them via Social Media : F : www.facebook.com/crosscheckclothing T : @crosscheckuk

Chris Fletcher Plumbing and Gas Solutions

British Heart Foundation

Off the back of last year’s success, it gives us great pleasure to welcome back Chris Fletcher Plumbing and Gas Solutions as team sponsor of the British Heart Foundation.

The company are Cardiff based and are a family run local Plumbing and Heating Engineers who offer a top service at reasonable rates. They’re also player sponsor of Cardiff Devils Defenseman Josh Batch.

Chris had this to say on the sponsorship deal “Again this year, I’ve chosen to support the British Heart Foundation team for the All-Stars weekend. It’s a great cause looking to educate and help people be more aware and deal with heart problems.

The weekend is a great way to raise money for good causes and also great way for people of all ages to enjoy playing hockey. Dig deep people and support the All-Stars at Sheffield 15”

We would like to thank Chris and his family for their continued support of the event. What started as an individual sponsorship to a player has now turned into a team sponsorship which shows a great commitment from them. We’re looking forward to welcoming Chris and his family at the event this year and hope we can continue this partnership for future events.

For more information go to F: https://www.facebook.com/PlumbingAndGasSolutions

Registration 2015 Information

This years pre-registration will open for the Class of 2014 on Monday December 1st. If we receive any applications which are not from returning players, they will not be counted. Registration will close for 2014 players on Friday 12th December at 10pm.

Registration for new players will open Saturday 13th December at 10am. This is based on a first come first registration basis so we cannot guarantee places for everyone but we will communicate to those who are successful and those who are not but we will have a reserve list for those who didn't make the initial rosters. All new registrations sent through before this time will not be counted.

For this year, the registration fee has gone up to £60 per person, however this will include you registration, shirt and socks for the event.

When entering your details for registration, you will be asked in order of priority the 3 charities you would most like to fundraise for.

A reminder of this years charities are:

  • Autism Plus
  • Blue Cross
  • Breast Cancer Care
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Dreams Come True
  • Help For Heroes
  • Prostate Cancer UK
  • Sheffield's Children's Hospital


Once you've entered correct details you will receive a Registration Pack via e-mail. This is where you will confirm all your details, including shirt size and number.


  • Registration Fee: £60.00.
  • Minimum Figure Raised: £50.00.
Any Known Medical Conditions:


Ice Sheffield, 23 Carbrook Hall Road
Sheffield, S9 2EH


Mobile: 07900 42 45 43